Friday, 16 October 2009


new GvsY album available for pre-order (on salmon pink vinyl (!!!) with poster and awesome artwork by arran ridley!) from Upset the Rhythm

buy the cd version (with trippy digipack / cd design) from ADAADAT

full album preview on our myspace page

With 'Righteous Signals, Sour Dudes', Joe and Lachlann have written a new album which leaps and bounds over their debut 'Musclemilk', released in 2007 by Adaadat. The dual title is symbolic of the struggle for creative compromise and two pals who are still learning how to work together - they couldn't agree, so they named it twice - it works out. Similarly, the music clashes too, it strikes bargains and agrees to disagree. The album finds progressive rock trying to sit alongside synth-pop and afrobeat, whilst disco bumps into hardcore, before transcending tropically. There's a lot going on but somehow it makes sense.

Album opener "Cruisin" is a reckless, careering 8-bit punk sideswipe, with hollered words and an ardent keyboard line. "Geomancer" is a bubbling brew of stammering beats and coupled vocals. "Stranded In Jurassic Park" tells the tale of buddies chased by dinosaurs into the path of five desert dwelling aggressors over a pulsating call and response track, which shape shifts with every line. The band try their hand at epic balladry with "Glorious Dawn2, whilst "Magic Eye" is a breakneck pop song lost amidst the pogo and guitar wrangle. 'Righteous Signals, Sour Dudes' is an album about unsatisfactory magic, testing friendships and Niels Bohr. It is also a record about forgetting boundaries and forgiving fun.

During the making of this album, Gay Against You played many hundred shows across Europe. They've toured constantly playing some less than likely spaces including caves, cellars, boats, roofs and even on the banks of a fjord. They've had their passports stolen, gone through 20 odd costumes, two guitars, two keyboards and two laptops, broken their teeth and fallen from tall speakers onto unsuspecting pianos. They want to thank everyone who's helped them along the way, and they more than do that with this record.