Sunday, 18 October 2009

Bogus Totem Summer / I Play Gay

To celebrate the release of our new album, we thought we'd explore our past a bit too - We realised we had a bunch of releases that were no longer available and were in need of archiving.

So, we present two (old) new GvsY releases for you to download!These are available to buy in a bunch of different formats and fully embeddable on blogs etc. so please share / Tell a friend! Check out our page for more info.

Firstly, Bogus Totem Summer is a redux of our summer 2007 tour release. It's a collaboration with our favourite artist and animator, Arran Ridley, who also made the art for our new record. We commissioned Arran to make videos for each of the songs on the ep - he got his friend dan to do the last one! I reckon this is one of the best records we made and the cd-r / dvd edition is long sold out, so it's nice for it to be available again! The videos come with the download.

Secondly, 'I Play Gay'. I guess this is sort of a mutant 'covers' record, except the covers are parallel versions, performed by a bunch of pals (Dananananaykroyd, House Mouse, Agaskodo Teliverek and Dolby Anol) of early GvsY songs, with us doing the vocals. Weird idea!
Anyway, this was planned to be a 7" release, with the brilliant Bill & Ted inspired comic, by Stefan Sadler (from the Famicon collective) included. Here it is, to download, in its weirdo glory! The music comes with a high quality .PDF of the comic.

We're really proud of these packages and we hope you like them too!
Thanks to Arran and Stefan for making the fantastic art, comics and video!